NBA Early Bird Special

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The NBA Season starts NEXT week!

That is 1,230 games to consume your attention over the next 6 months, and that is BEFORE you include the postseason…..

To aid in your upcoming entertainment we have picks for you aka betting opportunities.

Just imagine – it’s a cold Tuesday night in January and the only thing on are NBA games….

You have come home from a long day of work and you decide to throw on a game or two.

Then it hits you!

You have NBA plays that have been sent to your email from Juicy Wagers!

That’s right, we are here to give you PLENTY of high quality NBA plays.

Last season, these picks were up $1,340.60 allocating $100 per bet.

(Past performance does not guarantee future results)

You are probably wondering how we got such good returns from our picks….

We use proprietary betting systems which have shown to be profitable over time.

Why do we use a system?

Because a system removes emotional bias – emotional bias is the NUMBER ONE problem when it comes to sports betting.

A system simply follows the data (aka no gut picks), and we let the data do the talking for us.

So how do you get signed up for the whole season of our NBA system picks?

As part of our early bird special you can get all of our NBA plays for a discounted price.

Typically this package goes for $194, but because you are signing up before the start of the season we will give you a lower pricing.

Until 1:00 AM you can get the early bird special for JUST $73.

This will give you EVERY pick from now until the end of the NBA Finals.

That is picks from now until June (8 months) for only $73!

And remember, these picks have been profitable as recently as last season.

So don’t wait, get your picks before 1:00 AM

Just tap the link below to get your NBA Season Pass Early Bird Special.

Tap Here for the NBA Early Bird Special

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