NFL Week 10 Review

November 15, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 10 Review


NFL Week 10 just finished up, but there were plenty of important takeaways from this past weekend.

Let’s review the biggest games from another chaotic week in the NFL…..

San Francisco 34 @ Jacksonville 3:

So, I guess the 49ers are back?

Following a 3 game losing streak this was exactly what San Francisco needed to reestablish their season.

And with it the rest of the NFL will be on notice…..

San Fran is one of THE toughest teams to play against and a genuine Super Bowl contender.

The Jags will need to continue to try and play more complete football if they want to REALLY compete with teams like the 49ers.

Cleveland 33 @ Baltimore 31:

Baltimore was somehow up 14 points with 3 minutes to go……

And lost.

Chalk it up to another weird day in the NFL, but it was probably a good reality check for the Ravens.

Things had been a little TOO good for the team from Baltimore, so a loss like this will hopefully allow them to refocus.

The Ravens still have everything to play for, and will at minimum attempt to win the AFC North…..

Meanwhile, the Browns come out of this one in trouble.

Yes they won, but Deshaun Watson is out for the season.

That means the defense will HAVE to carry Cleveland if they are going to have any shot of success this year.

Detroit 41 @ Los Angels Chargers 38:

Well, this was a wild game!

Both teams went back and fourth throwing haymaker after haymaker.

Ultimately the Lions won by a 3 point margin, which is not a surprise.

The Chargers have been losing one score games for what seems like an eternity, and this was just the next chapter in the long novel of close losses.

A change of direction is needed for a Los Angeles team that does not lack talent.

Perhaps they will even look at Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson as a new potential head coach.

Houston 30 @ Cincinnati 27:

Dare I say it but are the Texans……. good…….?


The once dormant Houston Texans have seemingly become relevant overnight.

A new coaching staff combined with a promising young rookie quarterback in C.J. Stroud have made for exciting times in Houston.

This is only boosted by a victory over a Bengals team that has gone to at least the AFC Championship the past two years.

Speaking of…..

I’m not sure what to make of the Bengals.

Just when I thought they had figured things out they have this game.

Hopefully for Bengals fans this is just a minor blip in the road on their way to another playoff appearance.

New Orleans 19 @ Minnesota 27:

The magic of Josh Dobbs strikes again!

He has once again led the Vikings to a victory, and now Minnesota is 6-4, with a real chance to make the playoffs…..

That is hard to believe when you consider that Dobbs has only been on the team for two weeks!

Now, what is the Vikings ceiling for this season?

MAYBE one playoff win, but hey….

They will try and keep the good vibes going.

On the other side are the Saints.

They have gone all in to win, but I question what they thought would happen?

Derek Carr and the rest of the roster just SCREAMS average, so I don’t know what the long term goal is other than maybe making the playoffs.

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