NFL Week 2 Preview

September 15, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 2 Preview

Week 2 of the NFL Season kicked off with a Thursday Night professional performance from the Eagles over the Vikings.

Let’s take a look at what the 5 biggest games of the NFL weekend have in store….

Seattle (0-1) @ Detroit (1-0) 1:00 PM EST

Detroit has already established their credentials for the season with a week one victory at Kansas City.

As the saying goes “These are not your grandfathers Lions.”

So, the Lions, at home, coming off a big road win, will absolutely stomp a Seattle team that just lost at home to the Rams…… right?

I would wait before making that declaration.

Detroit is a healthy -5 point favorite but the line is trending in Seattle’s favor.

I would wait before placing your bets on this game….

Week one can generate tons of overreactions (more on that later), and while it is likely the Lions win, I do not think it is a guarantee.

Seattle is a well-coached team that will be ready to pounce at a moments notice (Detroit will turn the ball over eventually).

Baltimore (1-0) @ Cincinnati (0-1) 1:00 PM EST

The next two games on the list both fall under the “potential for bounceback” category.

First up we have the Ravens vs the Bengals.

The Ravens looked good enough against a bad Houston team in week one, but now they face a much tougher test in Cincinnati.

Obviously, Cincinnati had a less than ideal start to the season in Cleveland albeit in terrible weather conditions, no preseason time for Joe Burrow, and the Browns seem to get the better of the Bengals more than most.

I really doubt Burrow and Co have that bad of a game again this week.

Will Baltimore be able to match Cincinnati point for point (and play good enough defense to slow the Bengals down)?

We shall see, but this should be a very interesting matchup.

Kansas City (0-1) @ Jacksonville (1-0) 1:00 PM EST

The reigning Super Bowl Champs take their talents to Jacksonville against a young and up and coming Jags team.

In a playoff rematch the Jags will look to start off the season 2-0, and put the Chiefs in a 0-2 hole.

I’m sure most bettors are of the belief that Kansas City cannot/will not lose two games in a row, and that is at least part of the reason the Chiefs -3.5 favorites.

I prefer not to fall into that trap of “well they are so good, there’s no way they can lose two in a row”.

With that said, I like the Chiefs prospects more this week now that Chris Jones and Travis Kelce are available.

However, I still have my concerns about the Chiefs.

When it comes down to it, KC is essentially Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Chris Jones – yes they have some other solid players, but the team is extremely young and lacking proven commodities.

Furthermore, Jacksonville is not a team to walk over.

Trevor Lawrence and the rest of that offense are young and exciting, and showed that they are playoff caliber a year ago.

Don’t be surprised if Jacksonville is able to win this game…..

New York Jets (1-0) @ Dallas (1-0) 4:25 PM EST

If there was a game that I would be EXTRA cautious about it is this one.

I think this is the game with the most week one overreaction potential.

On the Dallas side you have “We just beat the Giants 40-0, we are going to the Super Bowl, the defense is too good, the offense will be good enough, we are great”

Then on the Jets side you have “Oh no, Aaron Rodgers is out for the year, Zach Wilson is our starting QB, WE ARE SCREWED”

Could both sides be right?


Do I think they are both right….. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Let’s start with Dallas.

That team is legit – that defensive line is dominant, and the offense has enough talent to be a top 10 unit.

However, the Giants imploded against Dallas, they could not do anything on offense, and it certainly is true that Dallas caused a lot of those issues, but I do not think the Jets will collapse like the Giants did.

More specifically, the Jets will be far more committed to running the ball than the Giants were, and they will make it a point not to have Zach Wilson running for his life the way Daniel Jones was.

My final point on the Dallas side is this…. let’s think back to this time last year….

Dallas was dominated in week one by the Buccaneers 19-3, and in the process Dak Prescott was injured.

Everyone thought “It’s over for Dallas, time to move on to next year”

We all know how that turned out…..

And that fits perfectly into the appeal for the Jets.

The offense obviously takes a hit with Zach Wilson running the show, but they still have very capable running backs in Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook.

The offensive line is shaky so that is a concern, but guess what the Jets do have…. a DEFENSE!

The Jets defense is legit, and will ensure that the Jets do not get blown out of games.

If the offense can avoid turning the ball over then I think the Jets can make this a competitive game.

Will they win?

Probably not, but I do not think it is as doom and gloom as everyone predicts.

Miami (1-0) @ New England (0-1) 8:20 PM EST

This game is a tough one to call.

New England is far from the dominant force they were with Tom Brady at QB, but Bill Belichick is one of the best at getting more with less, which is likely why the line is only Miami -3.

New England did look solid in a close loss against the Eagles last time out, with improved offense, but this game will be won or lost for the Pats on the defensive side.

Miami’s offensive attack is lethal with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle forming a ridiculous one two combo at wide receiver.

How New England copes with those two will determine the outcome of this game.

If the Patriots can contain Hill and Waddle aka not get into a track meet, then I like the Patriots chances of winning WAY more.

Happy Betting!


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