NFL Week 4 Review

October 3, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 4 Review


NFL Week 4 has officially concluded….

Here is a recap of the 5 biggest games of the week….

Miami 20 @ Buffalo 48

That was some performance from Buffalo!

I had my concerns coming into this season namely was the Josh Allen – Stefon Diggs chemistry in tatters?

That concern was put to bed Sunday when Diggs scored 3 touchdowns on the way to a superb performance against one of the hotter teams in the NFL.

However, I still have one question for Buffalo…..

Can they win the tough games in the postseason?

Remember last year Buffalo was great to start the season – they beat the Rams on opening night, and beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead….

Then things went sideways.

Can Buffalo win the tough games in the postseason?

We will find out in a couple months….

Quick note on Miami – they will be fine, but they are going to need their defense to not allow 48 points in a game if they are wanting to contend.

Detroit 34 @ Green Bay 20

The Lions are a team to be reckoned with following another road victory.

Detroit dominated the line of scrimmage throughout against a Packers team that looked lost in the first half.

The next step for Detroit is to elevate from a team everyone respects to a team everyone fears.

Detroit will be a tough out when they inevitably make the postseason, but are the Lions really capable of beating Philadelphia, Dallas, or San Francisco?

For Green Bay this was a rough performance.

For years the Packers have been unable to stop the run, and that showed again on Thursday.

Furthermore, Jordan Love was all out of sorts and the result was a full blown beat down by the Lions.

Green Bay will have to improve things quickly if they want to genuinely challenge for a postseason berth.

Kansas City 23 @ New York Jets 20

This game looked like it was going to get out of hand when the Chiefs got up 17-0 early.

Then weird things started happening – Patrick Mahomes started playing like Zach Wilson, and Zach Wilson started playing like Patrick Mahomes.

Weird right?

Next thing you know it is a close game, but of course in the end the Chiefs won.

Kansas City will be fine, with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce the Chiefs will always have a chance to win.

For New York maybe they can get something out of Zach Wilson?

He has been so bad for so long that it will take multiple performances like the one on Sunday night for there to be some Zach Wilson believers.

Still, it is a step in the right direction, and if he can continue that level of play then the Jets could be a decent team.

New England 3 @ Dallas 38

And just like that “Dallas is winning the Super Bowl” has returned.

If that makes people sleep better at night then good for them, but until Dallas actually beats a good team I will have my doubts about the Cowboys.

Why is that?

Because relying on your defense to score two touchdowns is not feasible.

The Cowboys have a great defense, but what happens when they come up against a competent quarterback (and offense)?

Can Dallas really match a team point for point with Dak Prescott leading the way?

Some of those questions will be answered next Sunday night when the Cowboys play in San Francisco.

For New England, this was an ugly performance.

I do not think Mac Jones is the longterm answer for the Patriots, so they are going to have to be in the QB market at some point.

Pittsburgh 6 @ Houston 30

It was tough to select the 5th game here because there were so many interesting headlines coming out of this weekend.

I went with this one because how about C.J. Stroud?

More broadly, how about a rookie quarterback actually playing well?

And to do it against a good Steelers defense is even more impressive.

On top of that the Texans have been a joke for the past 4-5 years, but out of nowhere they are 2-2.

With how good that offensive attack is they could continue to win games, and GASP maybe make the postseason!

The Steelers had another ugly game offensively, so it is going to take some soul searching from them to get back on track.

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