NFL Week 5 Review

October 10, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 5 Review


NFL Week 5 finished up last night, so here is a review of the 5 biggest games…..

Dallas 10 @ San Francisco 42

Well, that was a statement!

The 49ers gave the Cowboys a full throttle beatdown – on Sunday Night Football no less.

As I mentioned in my preview for the week I was skeptical of Dallas coming in.

The Cowboys are a good team, but they are too reliant on their defense to win games.

If a team is able to score on Dallas then the Cowboys run into problems.

That reared it’s ugly head in Sunday’s loss – the Cowboys defense could not stop the 49ers….

Meanwhile, the Dallas offense only put up 10 points.

The aftermath is people firmly believing San Francisco is the best team in the league, and Dallas is at minimum a few steps below them.

Philadelphia 23 @ Los Angeles Rams 14

The Eagles continued their winning ways, and yet they still were not dominant in the way they were last year.

The main issues seem to be on the offensive side of the ball.

For whatever reason Philly is not flowing in the same way they did a year ago.

Case and point being in the second half against the Rams the Eagles only scored 6 points.

They won because…… the Philadelphia defense gave up 0 points in the second half.

For the Rams it was exciting to see Cooper Kupp return, and with the emergence of Puka Nacua, Los Angeles suddenly has one of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL.

Kansas City 27 @ Minnesota 20

Similar to the Eagles, the Chiefs are yet to truly dominate so far this season (yes they did blow out the Bears, but it’s the Bears).

Yet, Kansas City is 4-1 and could be 5-0 if Travis Kelce and Chris Jones had played in week one.

As long as Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback, the Chiefs will have a great chance to win any game they play.

Meanwhile, Minnesota is continuing to experience the ULTIMATE reversion to the mean.

After going 11-0 in one score games last year the Vikings are now 1-4 in one score games this year…..


Baltimore 10 @ Pittsburgh 17

I don’t know how the Steelers do it (really it’s just great defense and Mike Tomlin) but the Steelers are 3-2.

To put into context how wild it is that Pittsburgh is 3-2 – there are 6 other teams with a 3-2 record or better in the AFC…..

All 6 teams have a positive point differential (they have scored more than they have allowed).

The Steelers have a -31 point differential!

Call it fortunate bounces, Mike Tomlin magic, TJ Watt greatness, or a combination of all those factors, but the Steelers are hanging in there.

For the Ravens this was a discouraging performance.

Some of Lamar Jackson’s decisions were baffling, such as the late interception with a two point lead.

At some point questions have to be asked about Jackson’s ability to take the Ravens beyond MAYBE the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

He currently boasts one career playoff win, and that MVP season was back in 2019 (that is pre COVID!).

Buffalo 20 vs Jacksonville 25

I am curious of what to make of Jacksonville?

They are 3-2 and just beat the Bills – to be fair the Jags had the advantage of being in London for a week.

But Jacksonville has also gone dormant in a couple games and already has two losses.

Perhaps the trip to London, which included two victories, will propel the Jaguars to a more consistent stretch of football.

For the Bills, I do not think there is too much to be concerned about.

Losing a second game obviously stings, but in the grand scheme of things they should be fine.

They lost a weird Monday Night game to the Jets in week one, and a weird trip to London this time around.

I fully expect the Bills to be an AFC contender as we progress through the season.

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