NFL Week 7 Gut Feeling Bets

October 20, 2022 Uncategorized Comments Off on NFL Week 7 Gut Feeling Bets

Finally, a football day.

I know it’s Thursday Night, and the games have been pretty bad in the last few weeks.

And honestly, I expect tonight to be pretty bad again.

There’s something about short weeks and a lack of game planning that makes TNF games so bad.

Watching the last two TNF games makes me feel like an addict. I hate watching the game but I can’t stop watching the game.

Everyone needs a vice.

Anyways, here is a real quick recap from last week…

I went 2/4 on my gut-feeling bets last weekend but the Jets money line pick made me profitable. I am chalking that up as a win.

On to the gut feeling bets I am making for Week 7.

NYG (ML) @ JAX — +135

This may be the only upset I take this week.

I don’t see many upsets that are possible outside of this one and the DET @ DAL game. But, I’m a homer and I can’t pick DET ML.

The Giants have been rolling and they just beat the Baltimore Ravens last weekend.

Daboll is my front-runner for coach of the year. You look at that roster and there’s no reason for that team to be 5-1.

JAX is starting to lose steam as they have lost three in a row. Two of those losses were the Texans and the Colts.

I couldn’t believe NYG were dogs in this game. I’ll take NYG ML.

As you know, I’m a bit of a degenerate.

I’m not finding a lot of spreads I’m in love with this week. So this is my money line parlay week I guess.

Here’s the first 3 leg parlay I am running.

This is the safe one. Taking favorites and it pays +158.

Nothing sexy.

KC (ML) @ SF



Nothing crazy here. Just a warmup parlay.

So let’s step the risk up a bit.

My 5-leg parlay of the week… +1309



NYG (+3) @ JAX

KC (-2.5) @ SF


The Jets and the Chargers have me a bit concerned. Russ is not Russ anymore. Hackett has ruined this offense and the Bronco’s defense is the only saving grace to this franchise.

The Chargers should win. All around, the Chargers are a better football team. Not going to overthink it. LAC ML feels right.

Alright, what we all want… The “Let’s get rich quick” 9-leg parlay. +11827


GB (-4.5) @ WAS


ATL (+6.5) @ CIN



KC (ML) @ SF



This bet isn’t for the faint of heart. I have yet to hit a parlay larger than 5 legs in my life.

But… maybe this is the week.

Lots of concerns for me across this parlay.

Can GB even cover this? GB is the worst I’ve seen them in a long time. They’re going against backup Heinicke. GB should get it done…

ATL is undefeated ATS this season and maybe they’re not a bad football team. I think I have concerns just because it is ATL. As long as they run the ball and drain the clock, they should be fine.

IND @ TEN could be a wild one. Since it’s a division game, I would like to think Jonathon Taylor makes a return. Also, Matt Ryan finally didn’t look horrible! He finally fed the ball to his playmaker, Pittman.

I’ve already touched on my concerns for the Jets and the Giants game.

I got a good feeling about this one though!

To be fair, I may say that every other weekend.

Go ahead and mark it up. Another week where the analysts are upset with me for placing more parlays.

In my defense, I do take the system picks. I just need some flair and that’s where the 9 leg parlays come in.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the games this weekend and send me some luck on this parlay!

Have a great weekend folks!


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