NFL Week 7 Review

October 25, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 7 Review


Following the conclusion of NFL week 7 we are getting ever so close to the halfway point of the season.

As the contenders start to take shape lets get you recapped on everything from this past week.

Miami 17 @ Philadelphia 31:

This was better from Philly following a shakyish start to the season.

Barring a late surge by the Dolphins the Eagles were always in control of this one.

The win (plus the 49ers second loss) means Philadelphia is now first in the NFC, which bodes well for getting home field advantage in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for Miami, they are still trying to prove themselves.

Yes they are 5-2 which is a good start to the season, but in games against good teams (Bills and Eagles) Miami failed to win.

Until the Dolphins beat someone of note this will be an exciting team that beats up on the bad teams (basically the Cowboys of the AFC).

Detroit 6 @ Baltimore 38:


That was a statement.

The Ravens put in their most comprehensive performance of the season against a very good Lions team.

That’s right, the Lions are still very good, they just had an off day.

Detroit will be fine in the long run and still should make the playoffs, but this is a game they will want to quickly forget.

Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are 5-2 and first in the AFC North.

Keep playing like this and they will coast to a division title.

Los Angeles Chargers 17 @ Kansas City 31:

No team frustrates me more than the Chargers!

As I mentioned in my preview – the Chargers should not be 2-4 with the talent they have – it is unacceptable.

I will give them a slight pass for this one since they were playing against the Chiefs in Kansas City, but come on Los Angeles.

With Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen, and Joey Bosa they should AT MINIMUM make the playoffs.


We all know the Chiefs by now – congrats to Travis Kelce on another dominant showing in front of Taylor Swift.

San Francisco 17 @ Minnesota 22:

When you see articles saying “I don’t think the 49ers have any weaknesses” a light should turn on in your head.

I read an article right after San Fran beat Dallas saying that they were basically unbeatable and that had me worried once they went to Cleveland.

Sure enough they lost to the Browns, BUT then they followed that up with another loss to Minnesota.

So what’s the deal?

Most of the issues seem to come with the offense.

Injuries have been a problem – this week Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams were out.

Then there is the issue of Brock Purdy.

He is a good solid quarterback, BUT when called upon to deliver a game winning drive he has failed the past two weeks.

As the Niners are coming to find out – they will not blow out every opponent they face, which means Purdy will have to win them some games.

Can he do that?

Pittsburgh 24 @ Los Angeles Rams 17:

The Steelers are giving me real Minnesota and New York Giants vibes from last year.

So far the Steelers are 4-2 despite having a negative point differential.

The reasoning?

They have gone 4-0 in one score games, which was the exact “method” the Giants and Vikings used last year.

The Steelers hope each week is that the defense can limit the opposing team’s offense.

That is because the Pittsburgh offense has been below average at best….

But hey, they are 4-2 so who cares.

The Rams seem to be trending towards an average season where they won’t be a true contender, but they have some pieces to cause some damage.

To be fair, Los Angeles is probably still basking in the glory of their Super Bowl win a couple years ago, so they likely don’t care too much about the losing.

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