NFL Week 8 Review

October 31, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 8 Review


NFL Week 8 just wrapped up yesterday!

Below is your free recap from the 5 biggest games of the week.

Cincinnati 31 @ San Francisco 17:

If you would have told me three weeks ago that the 49ers would lose three straight games I would have thought you were insane!

But here we are, the Niners have lost three straight!

Injuries are piling up, Brock Purdy is throwing interceptions left and right, the defense can’t stop anybody, and the once unstoppable juggernaut is now in flux.

We are not in full blown disaster area yet….

If anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to figuring things out it is the 49ers organization.

For the Bengals this was their most impressive win of the season, and further signs that the Bengals are a force to be reckoned with.

When fully healthy Cincinnati can arguably beat any team in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams 20 @ Dallas 43:

Here we go again.

“Dallas is going to win the Super Bowl…. baby”.

It was a great win for sure, and Dak Prescott played well.

But as I have said many times – they tend to get inflated scores against mediocre teams.

Then the Cowboys get fully dominated when they play any team that is actually good.

This theory will once again be put to the test when the Cowboys face off against the Eagles next week.

Meanwhile, the Rams are unfortunately headed nowhere.

They are in the “pretty average” category of NFL teams.

With Matthew Stafford getting hurt that could turn into “pretty bad” here soon, but we will have to see how that plays out.

Jacksonville 20 @ Pittsburgh 10:

You know the eyes emoji on your phone that you use when you see something interesting?

It applies here….

Don’t look now but the Jags are 6-2 and have won 5 in a row heading into their bye week.

Not to shabby for the AFC South leaders.

Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence are firing on all cylinders, which means the Jaguars will likely be hosting playoff games come January.

Pittsburgh once again showed their game plan in this one.

Let the defense keep them in the game long enough for the offense to do something.

Clearly, if the Steelers want to have loftier goals their offense will have to score more than 10 points in a game.

Kansas City 9 @ Denver 24:

I genuinely wonder what people’s thoughts on this game are?

Do people think the Chiefs are bad all of a sudden, or do they think the Broncos are good?

Perhaps a bit of both?

The answer is likely neither.

Kansas City will always be good as long as they have Mahomes (on a side note I do not think they will win the Super Bowl, but they will make the playoffs).

On the Broncos side it is a step in the right direction.

However, I think people will still overreact to this.

Even last year Denver played the Chiefs close – divisional games tend to be closer than we think.

We will see how Denver’s season ultimately shakes out….

Cleveland 20 @ Seattle 24:

I wonder if Seattle is the least talked about 5-2 team in the league?

They don’t have a ton of superstars so it makes it difficult to really talk about them on a consistent basis.

And, they are unlikely to win the Super Bowl, but Seattle definitely has a good team.

They have a fun threesome of wide receivers in D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba plus a solid QB in Geno Smith.

They will continue to be a pesky team to watch out for come the playoffs.

On the other side, Cleveland will be fine.

They will always be driven by their defense, but they also need Deshaun Watson to get back and perform well.

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