NFL Week 9 Review

November 7, 2023 Articles Comments Off on NFL Week 9 Review

AN EXTREMELY important week just wrapped up in the NFL….

Your free review of how everything went is below….

Dallas 23 @ Philadelphia 28:

Is this a moral victory for the Cowboys?

They showed that they could compete with the NFL’s best away from home, and nearly won outright.

That’s the positive view.

The negative – they failed to win a big game (again), and the Eagles were up 28-17 before letting Dallas score late.

No matter if you are a glass half full or empty person this game was hugely impactful.

Philadelphia now has clear control of the number one seed in the NFC with an 8-1 record.

It is not all doom and gloom for Dallas – they have several easy games coming up which should boost their overall record.

Miami 14 @ Kansas City 21:

Funny enough, this game was essentially the AFC’s version of Dallas vs Philly.

One team (Miami) trying to prove they belong against a proven commodity (Kansas City).

It played out in a similar fashion as well.

Kansas City had a big lead, let it slip, and nearly let Miami win the game.

Ultimately Miami fell just short, which means the questions will remain for the Dolphins.

They do great against bad teams, but the offense shuts down against good NFL teams.

To be truly taken seriously (and to get home field advantage) the Dolphins are going to have to start winning some of these big games…..

Buffalo 18 @ Cincinnati 24:

I think we can officially say that the Bengals are back to their best.

This was a very controlled performance from Cincinnati.

Joe Burrow was on fire, despite Ja’Marr Chase having a rare off game, and the result was another Bengals win.

Cincinnati will not be a team that anyone wants to face moving forward…..

For Buffalo, it was ANOTHER slow start.

The Bills have made a habit of getting in too big of a hole early and having to try and claw their way back.

Buffalo will have to remedy that issue here soon because they already have 4 losses.

Seattle 3 @ Baltimore 37:

Another NFC opponent, another demolition for Lamar Jackson and company.

The Ravens have been the hottest team in the league the past few weeks and kept it up against the Seahawks.

Both the offense and defense are firing on all cylinders which could lead to the Ravens winning the AFC North for the first time in a few years.

For Seattle I am starting to get concerned.

They are yet to really convince away from home, and they will have to hope this past week was just a dud.

Minnesota 31 @ Atlanta 28:

No one expected this game to have quite the drama, but it overdelivered on that front.

Josh Dobbs, recently traded from Arizona, was the backup for Minnesota heading into this game.

However, starter Jaren Hall, who only just took over for the injured Kirk Cousins, got hurt as well!

Dobbs did not even know his teammates names, but he was able to lead an improbable victory for the Vikings faithful.

The NFL consistently has weird things like this happen, and this certainly fits into that category.

Once again, Dobbs did not even know his teammates names, and somehow won this game!


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