NHL Monthly Picks Package


Do you want 30 days of NHL picks for 9 bucks?

That’s not a joke……

For today only we are giving away our NHL Monthly Picks Package for just $9.

Think about that?

Literally a 9 dollar investment will get you 30 days of historically profitable NHL picks…..

How historically profitable?

In the year 2023 our NHL systems are up $8,273 allocating $1,000 per bet.

(Past performance does not guarantee future results)

Not bad right?

So how did we get such good results?

By using proprietary betting systems!

These systems were built using simple historical filters such as win percentage, win and loss streaks, and opening lines data.

We then make sure to have a large sample size so that we can feel confident in our picks.

And, we make sure to have plenty of quantity so that you can have all sorts of actionwe typically average over 130 picks in a full season.

Remember, only a $9 investment will get you the next 30 days of NHL picks.

After 30 days it will renew at $18 per month – if you want to cancel just email [email protected].

So, to get signed up for the NHL Monthly Picks Package all you need to do is tap the link below before 1:00 AM.

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