One Year’s Worth of UFC Picks!


We have a brand new special that we have never offered before…..

Our UFC YEARLY Picks Package.

That means you will get EVERY UFC Pick for the next 365 days.

For some perspective – in the last year our picks are up $7,280.80 allocating $1,000 per bet.

(Past performance does not guarantee future results)

$7,280.80 in JUST one year…. JUST by betting on UFC fights.

That’s it!

That $7,280.80 could help pay for anything from a trip to Vegas, a new flat screen tv, a new car payment, or something else!

The possibilities that come from sports betting are truly endless which is why getting the next year’s worth of our proprietary UFC picks has insane value.

So how did we come up with UFC picks systems which have generated $7,280.80 in the last year?

We cannot disclose all of our proprietary methods, but what we can tell you is that these systems have been tested over thousands of fights and have proven to profitable in the past (as shown above).

Furthermore, the win rate on this system is INSANE.

It historically has a win rate of 82.09% but recently it has been even better than that……

In our last 25 picks we have a record of 24-1 (96% win rate).

How is that for a smooth, steady, and consistent ride?

It is rare to find betting systems with that level of a consistent high win rate, but our system does just that.

Now it is time for you to join our UFC Picks community with a long term investment in mind.

If you sign up before 12:00 AM you will get all of our UFC picks for the next year.

It is simply a one time investment of $187 to join our UFC Yearly Picks Package.

Typically, a full year of the UFC Yearly Picks Package would cost $242, but for a very limited time (until 12:00 AM) we have knocked the price down to $187.

When you sign up all picks will be emailed directly to you, and you can also access all of the picks via

In addition to the picks you will also receive a weekly video recapping the prior weeks picks from all of our services.

Look, the value here is tremendous, you are getting to sign up for hundreds of UFC picks over the next year for just $187, it has a historical win rate of 82.09%, it is 24-1 in it’s last 25 picks, and it is up $7,280.80 over the past 365 days.

And guess what?

There will be picks for tomorrow’s fights.

To get signed up just tap the link below before 12:00 AM.

PS: If you sign up before 11:00 PM you can get a free month of NFL – tap below to get started.

Tap Here for the UFC Yearly Picks Package

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