The Success Calculation Used By Professional Sports Bettors

September 21, 2022 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Success Calculation Used By Professional Sports Bettors

10 leg money line parlays? Prop Bets? Dogs and points? I could go on and on about different strategies used in the pursuit to make sports betting profitable.

At the end of the day… That is the goal. Not just the goal, but that is the dream job, isn’t it?

Making money by betting on sports is something WE ALL want, but FEW can actually do….

Sports betting is a challenging endeavor, requires patience, strategy, and most of all discipline!

Controlling your emotions aka having discipline is the NUMBER ONE key to success in the betting world.

If you are up $500 betting $100 per game you MUST have the discipline to stay betting at that $100….

DO NOT get lulled into the trap of thinking you have it “figured out” only to lose all your hard earned cash.

This is to be viewed as a smart investing strategy – I know many laugh at that statement, but with proper structure we believe in longterm success.

Plenty of our systems have turned a profit for subscribers….

And that’s what we want to do for you!

Obviously, past performance does not guarantee future results, and we cannot say with certainty we will turn a profit.

But what we can say is that our research has been tested over thousands of hours, hundreds of data points, and shown to be profitable in the past.

We then use the past to help us predict the future, and that is how you get high quality picks across a variety of different sports.

So what does success look like?

For most of our services we send out spread picks.

A typical spread bet is going to have odds of -110, which means in order to make $100 you must risk $110.

However, what is equally important is the win rate…..

In order to break even betting spreads you need to win 52.38% of the time.

That means in the long term if we can get above a 52.38% win rate, then we can make a profit.

There will be winning streaks, and there will be losing streaks, but over time and over a large sample size we believe in the longterm profitability of our picks.

And that’s the thing – we cannot guarantee every bet will be a winner, but who can? (No one)

But over a large sample size of picks we have seen PLENTY of picks services turn a profit…..

With that, I welcome you to the Juicy Wagers community and look forward to helping you achieve your betting goals and ambitions.

If you have any questions be sure to email [email protected]

Happy Betting!


Olin Gentry, Head of Research, Juicy Wagers

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