Top 5 NFL Teams Through 5 Weeks

October 11, 2023 Articles Comments Off on Top 5 NFL Teams Through 5 Weeks


Wednesday’s are a tough day for football, so it calls for creativity.

Below you will see the top 5 NFL teams through the first 5 weeks as well as a quick reasoning for each.

1. San Francisco 49ers (5-0)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)

4. Buffalo Bills (3-2)

5. Detroit Lions (4-1)

San Francisco:

The 49ers have been the best team through 5 games and have a 5-0 record to prove it.

Some are suggesting that San Fran has “no weaknesses”.

I would not go that far in terms of having no weaknesses, but I do think the 49ers are the most complete team so far.

They have a bunch of playmakers on offense as well as a great defensive line.

I think the biggest questions going forward will be health – injuries have been the Niners downfall in recent years.

How will that offensive line do against the elite pass rushes?

And, can Brock Purdy go and win them a game if required?

Kansas City:

The Chiefs will always be in the top tier of the league as long as they have Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

He is the league’s best player and will continue to be the catalyst for Kansas City.

Furthermore, the Chiefs have one of the higher floors in the league due to Mahomes and his greatness.

Really, I think their ultimate downfall is going to be a lack of luck.

Last year the Chiefs benefited from calls going their way in the AFC Championship as well as the Super Bowl (they won both games by 3 points).

My guess is a bounce won’t go their way or something weird will happen to prevent them from repeating as Super Bowl champs.


Even with the Eagles relatively slow start they are still 5-0.

That tells you a lot about how good the Eagles can be.

For Philly, it all starts with their offensive and defensive lines.

They arguably have the best offensive and defensive line in the NFL, which will ensure they always remain close in games.

So far the biggest question mark has been the offense.

It has not had the same level of explosiveness that it had a year ago…..

But hey, they are still 5-0 and have one of the most complete rosters.


Maybe this is bold to put the Bills at number 3 following a loss to the Jags in London, but I am going to do it anyway.

I like the Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs connection.

With Von Miller back to add to an already strong defense that makes me like the Bills even more.

However, what I like the most about Buffalo is that they have been so close to making the Super Bowl these past few years.

I feel like it is their time to shine and get back to AT LEAST the AFC Championship game and potentially beyond….


Most thought Detroit would be good coming into the season, but we still needed to see them go out and perform.

Through 5 weeks they are 4-1, and like the Eagles, have one of the better offensive and defensive lines.

Furthermore, they are coached very well.

Out of all the skill positions on the Lions offense the VAST majority are unheralded guys.

And yet, players such as Jared Goff, Sam Laporta, and Amon-Ra St Brown are doing superb.

At this point it seems extremely likely that not only will the Lions make the playoffs, but they will be hosting a home playoff game.

Can they set their sights even further?

Happy Betting!


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